Sunday, 29 June 2014

A Tranquil Sunday

Some times its nice to just spend some peaceful, alone time with the one you love, and thanks to the amazing creators who made these wonderful things, and the amazing décor skills of my wife we have the perfect spot to just unwind with each other. 

What can be more romantic than laying down with your wife as the sun sets, listening to nothing but the gentle waves lapping at the coast line. With all the camp stuff, decorating the land, and my wife setting up her new Interior/exterior décor service, it really has been hard to just steal a few moments away together, and this was much needed. 

This to me is what Sundays are all about, sending the children away for a few hours and taking a few moments to just appreciate each other, and the things around you that you have worked so hard to achieve. 
After all, what's the point of working hard all your life if you never take a moment to enjoy the things you are working for. 

Decorated by-

His Outfit -

Her Outfit-
*Edelweiss* Irie 2.0(S)
Schadenfreude Spandau Ballet Flats, l

!Ohmai: Flamingo C (Rez) [Coral]
{anc} Aurorabed . 9Li
Kalopsia - Fancy Gazebo
+Half-Deer+ Lighted Step - Plank - Lt Wood/Moss

Sunday, 15 June 2014

World Cup!

Its that time again, that magical month that only comes around once every four years. The FIFA World cup!! So naturally, I have commandeered the media room, and locked myself away, ready to savour all the delights of one of the biggest sporting events in the world!

Luckily, my wife has been hard at work decorating the new house, including the media room which is packed with just about everything I will need to get me through the next month. Ill include a link to her flickr feed so you can check out more of her work, as well as picking out a few of my favourite pieces below.

Décor by Simple Elegance 
Décor by Simple Elegance 
After the honeymoon period of the arcade ended and I finally took of my goldfish backpack I felt it was time to put together a new outfit, and by new I don't mean brand new, these pieces have been out for a while now, but that doesn't subtract from the quality of them, and doesn't mean they are not still a great buy.

Both the shirt and jeans this time come from the same place, Shai. A creator that over the last few months I have really been getting into. They have been offering such an array of colors and styles I am yet to buy a piece from them that disappoints me, and I will definitely be blogging them again in the future. This shirt is one of my favourites though. I'm a big fan of the smart/casual and this shirt in my opinion extenuates that look. 

Normally I try to mix and match my clothing designers as much as possible, but I brought these jeans in a few different shades, solely because I loved how they look, and of course, fitted so perfectly with the shirt. Which as you all know, sometimes, finding meshs that fit together can be a real pain in the butt.

Finding shoes I like has always been a problem, which makes it harder when you want them to clip as little as possible, or even not at all. Lets face it, guys have it tough in that department. ZED has been one of those creators whose stuff I have always looked at but never really thought to try, or had a use for. But when I found these boots I knew I needed them, and knew they would work. I rushed in without trying (or even looking for) a demo (noob move I know) but I did not regret it. I will definitely be paying more attention to ZED in the future, and regret not doing so up to this point

Decor by-

Items Photographed-
*Shai* Men's Dirty Plaid Shirt - Violet

junk. recycled theatre seats. plain.
[Con.] & :CP: Quiet Night Fabric Sofabed Family
[Con.] & :CP: Quiet Night TV Unit
[Con.] & :CP: Quiet Night Fabric Sofabed Family
7 - The Cupid Motel Sign -
Kalopsia - Flying Curtain (Right)
floorplan. floor lamp

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Story Time

Its nice to sometimes kick back relax, chill with a friend and read a good book, and so with everyone busy thats what I decided to do.

Meet my newest BFF Butcher. He is to adorable not to love. What story are we reading? 3 Little Pigs of course!

I've Been rocking this outfit for a while now, mostly because I love it. These jeans are always my go to when I have trouble finding something to fit a mesh top and they 9/10 times suit my needs, and the Purf shoes match them perfectly, a lil costly at 495L$ but for what you get and the level of customisation it really is easy to justify the cost. I wear this Jean/shoe combo ALOT. Both texture change and so perfect to match as apart of most outfits. The cardigan/tshirt combo by from Scars is the first time I had picked up anything by them, but I will definitely be going back in the future to see what else they have to offer, other than a little bit of clipping (most likely to my unwillingness to wear a bigger size or edit my shape) I have had no issues with this, and will most likely continue to do so for a while, and it will definitely stay in rotation in my 'Go to' Outfits

As I mentioned before, I am definitely not the decorating in my family, that title falls on my wife, and you can see why I leave her to it. She does such a brilliant job of creating spaces that make me wish I could live in them all the time. We have recently just moved, and so the house is still being set up, but she has already put this space together, and I spend alot of my time here. It just feels so right. Open, beautiful, spacious yet cozy.  Normally I list everything I photograph, but my wife has such an eye for detail this picture is just filled to the brim with things and Id be here all day so Im going to just list 4/5 of my favourite parts.

Items Photographed-
~Tableau Vivant~ Dreadlocks series - Monk Hair (M Fit)
...Scars... Long cardigan M [White] (Previous round may be available in mainstore)
.::[NerdMonkey] - [DIY Slim Pants with suspenders]::. S
Schadenfreude Meat Piggie Wiggie (Avalible at the Arcade June 2014)

Kalopsia - Bowl Plant Hanger
Kalopsia - Rug
DIGS - Genoa Coffee Table [MESH]
A.V. Noir Bench
ROOST - Sunny Dale Carport Ivy
LISP - Mesh - Rain or Shine Table - Texture Change - Classic 
LISP - Mesh - Rain or Shine Chair - Cushion  - Classic

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